This is the calendar that I am going to try to adhere to this month. It looks like a lot, but I’m going to push myself into a healthier lifestyle during my month hiatus from derby. I’m going to attempt to pair that with healthy eating (which is the bane of my existence) to obtain the best results that I can.

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Whoops! ReFueling, ReTooling, & ReStarting

Alright…  I accidentally fell off for an entire week.  I’m ready to come back swinging though.  I have exactly 28 days until I leave for my Seattle/Portland trip and I want to look and feel a hell-ova lot better than I do today.  I’m uncomfortable in my own skin.  I’m going to try to give it all I’ve got to feel more comfortable.   That doesn’t mean I won’t stumble; I’ll actually probably fall.  But I’m going to give it my best effort.



I went to the doctor today expecting her to say that I still had to wait until July to go back to roller derby. I wasn’t going to be disappointed (yes I was, but I was going to try not to be). I was going to continue doing little bits of exercise and get where I needed to be. Well, guess who is back on skates? This gal! I skated the whole practice and I feel great! I can’t wait for practice on Thursday!! 💙


Stop Bringing Sweets to the Office

I work in a small law firm where everyone is genuinely nice. Generally twice a week someone brings in sweets. Today there was a cake in the break room while I was filling up my water bottle. Here is my note to anyone and everyone. STOP BRINGING SWEETS TO THE OFFICE!!! It’s super nice, but there are people who are really trying to lose weight and can only resist chocolate and Heath bar crumbles on top of a delectably moist made-from-scratch yellow cake for so long. Please… Just stop.



I Cheated A Little

Here is my take on cheat meals.

I have heard plenty of people say, “I’m not a dog so I will not reward myself with food,” in response to cheat meals. I get that if you are rewarding yourself with food, however when I cheat its because if I don’t have a cup of hot chocolate or a beer or a brownie a little at a time I’m going to end up with a dozen jelly donuts, 24 Crab Rangoon, and a diet coke to wash it all down. To me cheat meals are just that, cheating a little. We’re all trying to get to the same finish line when eating healthy, I’m just making sure I get there.

One Week Down

I made it through an entire week! I honestly did way better than I thought that I would, and I lost 3.2 lbs. I am really happy with this progress, especially because Saturday was a complete wash for me.

This Saturday, I will be spending the day in Chicago with my mom and her boyfriend taking an architecture tour and going to a brewery. I know that the brewery will likely add up to a lot of calories, but I plan to take some apples in my purse so that I don’t snack on something bad while we are there.

Today is my last day with the boot also! Tomorrow my ankle brace will be in and that means that I can begin to workout a little more heavily. I could not be happier. While 3.2lbs is not a ton, its a great amount for one week and its just the amount of progress I needed to stick with this!


My goal is to get back down to a healthy weight. Because I am about 5’8″-5’9″, I should weigh between 122-164. I can tell you that if I get under about 140 I’m going to look sickly. Also, my goal is to be healthy. I run and play roller derby so I want to build up that muscle mass. My goal weight is 140. I’ve read a lot of data about weight loss and even the most conservative articles have said that it is safe to lose 3lbs a week. So that will be my goal at first. I know when you get down there it gets harder to lose weight. Also 97 days is just about 14 weeks. That would put me at about 149 lbs, and I would be ecstatic.